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My Philosophy

I believe that a wedding is not just a day of celebration, but an official beginning of your new family.

I believe that to look as luminous as you feel on your wedding day, you need to be as comfortable with your photographer as someone you’ve known all your life.

I believe that your wedding photographs are not just a memento of your day, but a constant reminder of the promise you made to each other. When life challenges you, your wedding photos bring you back to that exact feeling of hope and connection and commitment; no matter what, your love sustains you, and my photographs are the visual reminder of that.

I believe in family heirlooms, and your wedding photographs are the first heirlooms of your new family, to be passed down to your children and theirs, telling the story of who you are and where they come from.

I believe that anything worth doing, is worth doing really well. I pour my heart into telling your story with my photographs, it is my art, my passion and my privilege.

I am a romantic, a storyteller, a photographer and an artist, and I would love to tell your story.

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